Ken Fec is no longer collaborating with his former outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow where he helped to create some of the glossiest and narcotic induced drizzling sunshine pop kookiness. He’s now serving as the brainchild of Power Pill Fist, an entity at the helm of some chunky ass, psychotropic, skewed bliss.

Rest assured Fec isn’t just some fly-by-night knob twiddler but instead a visionary with a true penchant for manipulating the Atari 2600 tossed into the mix with a mind-boggling night where Ennio Morricone, Kraftwerk, and Black Dice paint the town red. Fec’s second release, KONGMANIVONG, under the Power Pill Fist moniker perches him atop the summit of modern day experimental music.

KONGMANIVONG is a hearty collage of hazy dub resonance and sticky funk with the abrasiveness of early industrial paladins such as Nitzer Ebb and Frontline Assembly. Even though the most seasoned of noise rock fans will dig it, KONGMANIVONG keeps the squalls of fuzz abundant but simmers them down into a disturbing procession of skronky techno and globs upon globs of post-modern meets neo-Krautrock all underlined with a seedy pop underbelly that is enigmatically and simultaneously jarring and soothing. Never have the terms “bi-polar” “haywire” and “ambient” been able to be tossed around freely in a single summation of music as they are when mentioning KONGMANIVONG.

Another of the projects Fec procures is the "versus" series. An opponent challenges PPF to a live melodic duel which is cut down to a "Best of" and released on 3" CD-R to only the first (100) fans. As of this date, challenges have been presented by Black Moth Super Rainbow, Bony Legs, Dorosoto and Mall Security. The latest of which was presented to fans in a tin can with companion 3" DVD-R.

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View Power Pill Fist's EPK